Verification Models

Digital services hold the promise of allowing anyone to interact and transact with anyone, anywhere. However, the threat of bad actors gets in the way of our connectivity; the global village only works if we trust each other.

At Connectter our mission is to build trust, privacy and inclusion on a global scale. We are here to make sure everyone participates fully in the modern digital economy. With a digital footprint, users that don’t have an identity record no longer have to be invisible. They can participate because everyone is someone.



You can verify yourself or your company within seconds with our in-platform modules.

We offer 3stages of verification through a single end-to end solution:


Stage 1


This process ofverification is being held during registration via EIV (Electronic IdentityVerification and done automatically. Electronic Identity Verification validatespersonal information against trusted data sources.


Stage 2


To furtherverify yourself and to establish trust, you can apply for stage 2 verificationvia ID Document Verification. ID Document Verification determines whetheridentity documents are authentic using technologies such as artificialintelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and biometric authentication.



Stage 3


Beside personalverification, you can also verify your company within the platform. Businessverification is highly important for building trust for your suppliers orcustomers. Business Verification validates company vitals against data fromgovernment registers and identifies and verifies Ultimate Beneficial Owners.(UBOs)

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