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What internet tools people Use for industrial trading?

With the advancement in technology, industrial trading has become a lot easier for investors like you. You can now trade anytime and anywhere by using the internet, and it is all possible due to online trading tools. The traditional methods used for industrial trading were way too expensive and time-consuming.Suppose you had to find a supplier for your product that you want to sell on your outlet, but it is not available or manufactured in your country. To find the supply of that product, you had to visit other countries and source that product from a vendor or manufacturer of other countries. Going there physically and finding suppliers required a lot of budgets and plenty of time.Sometimes it even took weeks and months to find the right supplier for your business, and then there were other complexities.


At that time, if you owned a small or medium-sized business, then it was almost impossible for you to afford such a budget and time to find a supplier or manufacturer for your products. With the advent of the internet, things got much easier as the world advanced in technology. There were several tools and platforms developed to overcome the challenges of industrial trading and make things a lot easier and simple, even for small and medium-sized businesses. This article will discuss some of these tools and platforms and tell you how much they contribute to industrial trading. So, let's get started.


Facebook Marketplace

Facebook is basically the world's largest social media platform. According to a recent analysis done in Q2 of 2020, there are almost 2.7 billion users of Facebook allover the world. Facebook is a popular platform, and people use it for inter action with their friends, family, meeting new people, sharing pictures, entertainment, and much more. But there are a few people that realize thatFacebook also provides a business opportunity. Marketers know that the number of Facebook users is increasing day by day, so they started using it as a marketing tool to sell their products and to promote their business.


Facebook has itself developed a tool for industrial trading, which is known as the Facebook marketplace. As the name suggested, it is a place where users can buy and sell their products and list their products and services. This platform is widely used for trading, and according to some starters, around 800 million people use the Facebook marketplace. It is used in 70 countries, and almost every one out of three people in the United States use this tool.


Many people think of Alibaba as an e-commerce website. Besides being one of the largest e-commerce platforms, is also the world's most popular B2B industrial trading website. It has a well-established headquarter in China, andJack Ma founded the company in 1999. It is the world's largest China bases B2B marketplace. It was developed with the aim to be the world's largest e-commerce platform with the best B2B trading facilities. It was developed to facilitate traders from all over the world, and it is doing the job pretty well. According to the stats of 2019, the company has more than 755 million active users who are even more than the total population of the United States. If you want to source a product from China, then there is a fair chance that you will easily find a supplier for your product on Alibaba. China is the manufacturing giant of the world who is ruling the manufacturing industry. This is the reason is so popular all over the world as it is a Chinese website.


LinkedIn has more than 650 million users worldwide. Although it was mainly developed as a social media platform, but people started using it for professional purposes as asocial and career networking platform. While people use this platform for social and career networking, there are many businesses that use this platform to close deals for B2B trading. Yes, you are reading, right. LinkedIn is among the most popular tools that are currently being used for b2b and industrial trading. Suppliers and manufacturers create their profiles on LinkedIn, and investors and business owners use this platform as a tool to connect and communicate with suppliers that are relevant to their field.


People working in the industrial sector know the importance of the right tools to boost their business. Online businesses have used industrial directories for a very long time. Most people do not know about the extent and potential to which they could be beneficial for their businesses. On these industrial directories, different people list down their businesses.


Suppose you are looking for a product vendor, and it is not available in your country. Instead of looking for a vendor on different social media platforms and B2B business platforms, you can simply visit an industrial directory and search for your product. You will get a list of all vendors of your products along with their email and contact details. You can easily reach out to them and do business with them. The working of industrial directories is very similar to a telephone directory. Although there are very few people who use these directories, there are very beneficial.


Many other popular websites like Amazon and eBay have also created separate pages to provide industrial trading opportunities for the users.

A new platform has risen


Considering the needs and challenges that are still present despite the use of these tools, we have created a platform that makes industrial trading a lot easier for you. It is a business networking platform for industrial goods. This platform is developed by the careful analysis of all business trading tools available online. Although those tools are somewhat good, all of them have different functionalities and have different purposes. All of them have their drawbacks also. But Connectter is an all in one platform in which we try to overcome the challenges that you face with other B2B trading platforms and provide you with a better user experience.

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