Prodcut Indexing

Product Indexing

Product indexing is used to improve the match performance and speed under product class in matching algorithm.

Once you create a quote or a request our algorithm compares the correspondent data of the product in our database with other users product data consisting the following:

o  Name

o  Industry

o  Id

o  Unit

o  Demand / Supply

o  Keywords

o  Description /Definition

Our algorithm reindexes automatically whenever one or more items or data are changed (for example, price changes, industry or demand, supply, new keywords added, and so on). Reindexing isperformed as a background process.


How indexing works

Indexing is a process that prepares the general  data, such as product name data, prices and availability, and updates theinformation to serve as a basis for quality matching.

Every time product quotations or requests data is altered as shown below, the database is reindexed.

·      Changes in product name or ID,

·      Enabling / disabling of the quotations or requests,

·      Category change,

·      Price change,

·      Change in the demand or supply.

Once a quote or request is changed and saved for reindexing, within milliseconds the matching data is updated and reconstructed to be shown and displayed in the matching view section.

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