Messaging made easy!

Making business decisions should be easy every once in a while! To try and lighten up your decision making process, we developed a built in messaging tool for your needs.


You can talk to another user straight away once you are matched.


To start a conversation, both users must match each other or shown in the suggested connections.



Quick Messaging


Instead of starting a chat, you can also send them a quick message. The quick message has a pre-written message consisting your quote or request details and it is the best way to start your conversation right away.


So if someone has caught your eye, feel free to send them a quick message and  you will be able to chat with them related to quote or request your are interested in.


Sending Files and Documents


It is expected that during a conversation you may be asked to share your company or product catalogues as well as images relates to your quote or request. Simply click the attachment icon to share any format of file regardless it’s extension type.


Deleting Messages or Conversations

You can delete individual messages or conversations on Connectter built -in messaging platform either clicking the down arrow on the message bubble or down arrow on the conversation box located on the left side of your screen.

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