Map Features


Our map feature offer benefits with its smooth and visually appealing demonstrations for our users. Our map integration allows our users to customize their map to suittheir own experience, and the solution’s quick response to user feedback and scripted events. The map also includes intuitive scaling to suit your device’s screen size, allowing you to zoom in and out smoothly while using the app for bettervisuals.


The Connectter Map isa bit like your timeline in the form of a Map: you can see all matches based on your class data. The Map allows you to experience the timeline in a new way, for you to find users you have matched more easily.


Please note that you will only see the profiles you have matched with and within the radius of your choosing.


Map Radius Settings          

Your matches will be primarily shown based on your operational area defined by your location class. By default,you will see your matches at 300 kilometers or 186 miles. This match radius canbe easily increased or decreased by clicking the location button located on theright top of the screen.

Clustered Viewing

Often, a map can show too much user data at a single time. Users might overlap with each other. The map looks and feels cluttered with all the shown matches. Users can't get a quick understanding of which match is shown.

Showing clustered data is entirely possible by using our data-driven styling capabilities of our map feature.

By adjusting the amount of data shown on the map to the map's camera zoom level, is a way to provide our users with a cleaner UI experience and less overwhelming location data experience.

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