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Any request or quotation you submit will be automatically translated into the ten most widely spoken languages on earth.
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Seller Quotation Grid Views

Industry-specific translation models provide incredibly accurate translation.Maintain the original layout while translating your quotations. Utilize specialized translation engines for your field of business.

Supported languages:

Instant Translations

Buyer Request Grid Views

A high degree of accuracy can be achieved by using translation models tailored to the request industry. While translating your requests, we try to stick to your original data as much as possible. Make use of specialized translation engines in your line of work.

Supported languages:

MAtch with Confidence

Built-in Verification Modules

At Connectter our mission is to build trust, privacy and inclusion on a global scale. We are here to make sure everyone participates fully in the modern digital economy. With a digital footprint, users that don’t have an identity record no longer have to be invisible. They can participate because everyone is someone.

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Made for products

Product Indexing

Product indexing is used to improve the match performance and speed under product class in matching algorithm

.Once you create a quote or a request our algorithm compares the correspondent data of the product in our database with other users product data consisting the following:

Find people in your operational area
Product Name / Request Title
Match based on your product requests or quotes.
Industry Category
Expand or narrow your match results via user filtering.
Product Unit
Demand / Supply
Expand or narrow your match results via user filtering.
Expand or narrow your match results via user filtering.

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