Finding the Right People in Business

Finding the Right People in Business

Did you know that over 50% of businesses in the industrial goods sector consider growing their business network a critical part of their business?

A strong business network is one of the most important keys to success especially in the industrial business where finding the right people can make the difference between success and failure.Today, we’re going to show you how to find the right people and build a powerful business network that will  growth for years to come.

Step #1: Pick the Right Venue

There are a number of great ways to connect with people both online and offline. Choose the groups with people who share your interest sand are good potential connections. Chambers of commerce, industry-specific organisations, and other local business organisations are great places to start offline. Once you have a better idea of who makes a good connection for you then online groups like Connectter are a great way to quickly expand your network.

Step #2: Talk to Strangers

If you don’t already have connections in the industrial business, you’re going to have to do some cold outreach to strangers. Cold outreach is most effective in-person. Look for trader groups or local organisations that are focused on industrial goods to start growing your business network.

Once you have a few solid connections you can ask for referrals or recommendations for who to connect next with next to help you achieve your goals. A warm introduction makes growing your business network online much more effective.

Step #3: Lead with Value

Our natural tendency as humans is to be more willing to help a friend than a stranger. To start a new friendship on the right foot it’s important to lead with value. Providing value to your business network can come in a variety of different forms. You might be able to provide important information to your connections, a new way of thinking about a problem in the industrial good sector or share processes you use to save time and money.

Another often overlooked way to add value to a person with years of experience in the industrial business is to ask for their advice, implement their suggestions, and then follow up with the results.These experienced connections feel valued because their expertise helped you and had a positive outcome.

Step #4: Ask Questions and Listen

The ability to ask good questions and actively listen to the answer is an important part of making new business contacts and potential customers. It’s a simple as asking people you question about themselves and their business and then listening carefully to their answers. You’ll quickly find things in common that you can bring up in the conversation.

Step #5: Aim for a Genuine Connection

We all know people who say all the right things to build their business network but come off as phoney and completely fake. They are focused on what they can get out of the connection instead of what they can give. If you want to build a strong business network that is going to benefit you for years to come in the industrial business it’s important to create a genuine connection. This may mean you don’t connect with some of the powerful people in the industrial business in your local area because they aren’t a good fit for you.

It also means you need to focus on creating an authentic connection with the leaders that do fit well with your style of business. Be open and honest about how you can help them and what you need help with. Usually, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the results. Also, if you take this long term approach you’ll find opportunities and benefits down the road that you wouldn’t even thought to ask for today. If you make a real connection, you’ll be at the top of their list when the next exciting opportunity comes their way.

Step #6: Quality over Quantity

Some people incorrectly assume that building a strong business network is just a matter of collecting the most business card. A fishbowl is effective at collecting business cards, but it doesn’t have a world-class network in the industrial business. If you accomplished step one correctly then you know who is a good connection for you and who you can add value to.

This is step is especially important foreign events. If there are a hundred people at an event you’re goal isn’t to talk to each one of them for two minutes and hand out your business card.Your goal should be to connect with a few people that you can help or can help you.

Step #7: Follow-up with Value

This is the biggest mistake that rookies make when they are building a business network. You’ve found an important contact, led with value, and created an authentic connection. Now what?Many people make the mistake of waiting until they need something to call on their business network.  Like planting a garden, cultivating your network means following up with value.

How often should you follow up? We recommend following up to provide value every three to six months on average unless there is something time-sensitive and or very relevant to them. You can take this a step further by outlining the top couple of options you are considering. Ask them which one they would choose and why. This saves your contacts a great deal of time writing a detailed explanation of what you already know.


We showed you how to define your ideal business network, how to lead with value, how to make authentic connections ,and how to follow-up with value.

Also, we demonstrated a couple of the most common mistakes to avoid. First, don’t waste your energy and other people’s time by trying to collect the most business card. Second, don’t wait until you need something to reach out to your network.

Follow the seven step process about and you’ll have a strong business network in the industrial goods sector in record time.


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