Corona Effect on International Businesses

Corona Effect on International Businesses


Every segment of society has directly or indirectly been affected by the untimely COVID-19 pandemic, and the business tribe is no different.


Be it huge multinational companies that had to lay off thousands of employees or small businesses that went bankrupt and ceased to exist altogether, every single businessman has had to deal with this crisis.


The same is the case with the buyers and sellers of industrial goods. There has always been a trend of expos and trade fairs when it comes to industrial transactions. Also, people like to travel to other countries to find raw material that is not present in their native regions. But all that is not possible with the travel restrictions and social distancing measures in the current times.


A direct consequence of that is thatE-commerce has become inevitable. Every single business has to realize the need for developing  a digital footprint, and the digital revolution has come a decade before time.


The rule has always been that those who fail to adapt do not survive. So every single business network has to adapt to this new reality.


And as seen by the growth ofE-Commerce throughout the quarantine and increased amount of buying activity onAmazon and other platforms, there is a reason to hope for businesses even in these gloomy times.


The problem with online shopping, though, is that buyers and sellers do not seem to trust it. They do not think it gives you the confidence that is gained from in-person interaction and feellike their goods or money could be in trouble.


For this reason, despite Amazon and other juggernauts in the market, there is still a need for a trusted platform with verified buyers and sellers.


And while other platforms are suitable for smaller household usage items, there is also a higher demand for industrial product buyers and sellers.


The fact is that whatever industrial raw material you need, someone is selling it at the prizes you can afford. So with the social distancing rules, procurement of such products one to one through traditional means has become virtually impossible.


That is where a platform like Connectter succeeds. It is the ultimate business network app to cut the middlemen so that you can get the best industrial products direct from the manufacturer. It allows a business connect to those who can help it grow and reach its potential.


Let us look at a few of its features and why it can be a promising solution for those looking for a business network to help them not just survive but grow in the aftermath of the COVID pandemic.





The success of such a platform can only be possible if it is available to a variety of users from all sorts of backgrounds. This allows people to find raw material for their industry from all sorts of obscure regions they never thought of.


That is exactly what Connectter offers users. It has a presence in over 130countries with support for multiple languages so that no buyer or seller feels out of place.


Gives a Safe Expo Option


Expos were a great way of small industry owners to meet with each other, find viable products and reach out to sellers. But with the pandemic and social distancing rules, having a conventional expo is not a safe business practice.


Moreover, there used to be a practice to travel to China or other countries holding these expos. With flights being regularly postponed and air travel becoming highly regulated and tough to access, it is near to impossible for sellers to find customers through conventional means.


So, business app like Connectter is the need of the hour. It allows sellers to create a stall of sorts like they would in the real world and allows buyers to find them according to their interests.


Exceptional Algorithm to find Leads


Connectter has an exceptional algorithm that allows a seller find the perfect buyer. Allyou need to do is enter the keyword, your location, your product description, and your professional experience, and the algorithm will do the rest.


It will connect you to potential buyers that are interested in buying a product like yours. And once this is done, everything depends on the age-old custom of negotiation.


Easy to Use


The platform is extremely easy to use as a business network app. As a seller, it is quite simple to create a listing.


When we enlist your product in the platform, the answer to just a few questions will be asked. You will need to populate the field of product name with its relevant industry, the capacity of how much of that product you can produce, a simple description of the product, and a few keywords according to your product that a potential buyer can search when looking for this product.


All these fields are meant to make it easier for your product to be found and for our algorithm to help you out in finding the perfect buyer for you.


For buyers, the whole process is similarly free of complexities. When a buyer creates a Request for Quotation (RFQ), the same questions are asked as are asked to the seller. We ask the buyer product name with a description, relevant keywords to help us find the right product for the buyer, as well as the relevant industry it belongs to and the quantity of the product the buyer needs.


All these factors give us a clear indication of how we can help, and we try to find the perfect supplier to make the buyer tension free.


Excellent Customer Support


Asa company overseeing major business deals, we are dedicated to providing you top draw customer support. We want to make the whole process easier than real life, so our team is always available in case you have any questions.


We are always eager to help with round the clock tech support so that you can easily sell or buy your desired product calmly.


Will Connectter replace traditional business models?


The question remains that in a post-COVID world, will the world return to traditional business models or not. The answer is that there was a definite trust issue with online applications, especially when the industrial product was bought or sold.


But as time goes on and people recognize that these digital transactions connecting them with industrial products direct from the supplier are legitimate and trusted, why would they take all the load of searching a product and then traveling to distant areas when they can get their desired product from the comfort of their homes.


The fact is that such a trend will be seen as we move to normalcy because the modern man likes convenience and there is nothing more valuable  than an application that helps you and solves a problem for you. So the onus is on the buyers and sellers to start using these digital options because those who resist this change will be swept away by it.


Bottom Line:


There has been a hike in online shopping during the COVID pandemic, and with new people experiencing the convenience of E-commerce, it is going to spread to all sorts of demographics. The same is the case with the buyers and sellers of industrial products.


Once they start to deal through a useful network app like Connectter, they will never go with traditional methods. They will love the exceptional algorithm, unmatched customer support, and the ease of using this remarkable application.

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